Welcome to IKM Environmental & Safety Solutions

Since 2006, IKM’s director Matt Magistro has worked with various environmental consultants covering an array of contaminated land projects. To this effect, IKM now specialises in providing independent technical field support for consultant’s onsite completing sampling and analysis plans, routine groundwater sampling, asbestos remediation, preliminary and detailed site assessments, acid sulfate soils and urban water management.


Need assistance complying with the ever changing requirements of workplace health and safety. IKM can provide your business with customised safety management framework that incorporates compliance to Australian Standard AS4801 whilst working towards ISO 45001 accreditation or simply managing the day to day operational risks.


With continuous improvement driving most organisations, IKM can assist your business in the implementation and transition of an effective Quality Management System (QMS). The benefits of a QMS improve your organisational processes, efficiency, operational costs, consultation with staff, management of business risks, strategic direction and identification of training opportunities.


With strict legislative controls around hazardous area works, IKM can provide practical and strategic direction around work within volatile atmospheres and completion of high risk work activities. With training in global risk management processes, IKM is ideally placed to assist your project and staff in getting the job done safely and on time.


About Us

Our business philosophy is simple “client focused & results driven”. Operating since 2013 IKM Environmental and Safety Solutions (IKM) specialises in the full spectrum of workplace health, safety and quality (HSEQ) along with independently supporting environmental consultants with contaminated land projects.

Working seamlessly with all industries to deliver workplace HSEQ solutions, IKM strives to co-exist with the environment while ensuring workplace safety is at the forefront of workplace culture. Our unique skill set, combined with over 10 years’ experience gained from projects within the public, mining, construction and petroleum sectors enables us to provide your workplace strategic HSEQ solutions to ensure compliance with current legislation and industry standards.

Protecting you and your world

That’s our vision!

Why Choose IKM?

We base our company values on three key elements.


At IKM we strive to meet and exceed your expectations throughout the life cycle of the project, we listen first, then assist with front end planning, ongoing consultation and up to date information sharing on current industry standards.


We see value as a key performance indicator and element when engaged by you, to keep our service unique, we ask ourselves how do we provide value for our client above the normal expectations that will establish an ongoing business relationship. We do this through experience from time spent with global leaders and local business, that enables us to customised our service to your project, we apply practical safe working methodology, consider efficiency, site specifics, timelines and remain cost effective.


We understand that no two projects are the same and to that affect, IKM provides a “can do” approach to your requirements. With a range of knowledge covering workplace health, safety, contaminated sites and quality management, IKM can assist your business with compliance, HSEQ accreditation through to setting the benchmark for your industry.

Why We Do It

At IKM we are truly passionate and committed to working with all types of business to ensure all people are valued and leave work in the same way in which they arrived.

We at IKM embrace the challenges that the HSEQ profession presents and find real satisfaction in implementing quality HSEQ systems that encourage active participation which in turn drives a proactive safety culture.

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